Private Care

Tuesday 9am to 6pm
Wednesday 9am to 6pm
Thursday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm

Commmunity Acupuncture

Monday 10am to 2pm
Friday 3pm to 7pm
Saturday 3pm to 7pm


Private Care

$85 Initial consult and treatment
$40 to $60 Sliding scale

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

When I first came in for treatment my blood work was showing high cholesterol markers and I was experiencing a lot of bloating after eating . I wasn't happy and not sure that acupuncture could help, but I've got to say it was the best thing I could have done for myself. It took a few treatments but now my cholesterol is within normal limits and I can eat without the worry of being bloated. Thanks Ida!


I had been having pain in my upper back for a couple of years, my orthopedic doctor recommended I get acupuncture. I went to see Ida and received a few treatments which by the way, were painless and slowly started to experience less and less pain. Now I have no back pain and highly recommend acupuncture especially at East County Acupuncture. You'll be happy you did.


I first came in for acupuncture care for my gallbladder stones. Under Ida's expert care, I have been able resolve to resolve my gallbladder issues and have gone on to a maintenance program. I see her once a month and feel great. I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to stay healthy!