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Herbal Pharmacy

Before modern medicine became our normal people through the centuries depended on herbs as their first medicine. Today, herbs are coming back in popularity and more of my patients are requesting an alternative to their medication.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal formulas play an important part in the healing process and I often prescribe them to help speed that healing process.

Most herbs have medicinal properties and all herbal formulas are composed of herbs designed to create a particular effect. For instance, a popular herbal formula that I carry for sinusitis is called Magnolia Clear Sinus. It is composed of 12 herbs focusing on relieving inflammation, nasal congestion, headache along with having antibiotic and antiviral properties to treat bacterial or viral infections. It also can be used for allergies and the onset of a common cold. It covers a lot of ground for one formula and it rarely stays on the shelf through the cold and allergy season.

The brand of herbal formulas we carry are of the highest quality formulated.

I'm happy to say that the brand of herbal formulas I carry are of the highest quality formulated in Los Angeles CA.

They treat a wide variety of ailments and disorder such as:

  • common cold/flu
  • allergies/sinisitis
  • analgesic/pain relief
  • digestive disorders
  • anxiety
  • sleep disorders
  • PMS
  • headaches
  • arthritis
  • eczema/psoriasis

...and much more

Magnolia Clear Sinus

Addresses the onset of a cold; seasonal allergies and general nasal problems such as sneezing, loss of smell and clear nasal discharge.

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