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A Liver Cleanse Leads to Good Health

The liver and kidneys are filtering systems that filter toxic waste circulating in our blood and fluids within the body. To do this, there are specific steps that take place. In this article I will be primarily focusing on the functioning aspect of the liver.

The liver is a very busy organ. It works in conjunction with the digestive system, metabolizes hormones, converts thyroid T4 to T3, and provides us with energy when fight or flight is present, and much more. Along with that, it filters and takes care of toxic waste, and it does this in two phases.

Eye Health and Chinese Medicine

We all know how important having and protecting our vision is. What most of us don’t know is our body functions as a whole system. For instance, whatever is happening within our body such as poor circulation, poor circulation within the vascular system of the eyes is also occurring. If we have cholesterol problems and developing plaque within our vascular system, we are also developing it in our eyes. Small fat and protein deposits called drusen collect within the retina which can lead to beginning stages of eye disease. As the aging process progresses, we begin to experience the manifestation of our overall health. It is important to know the eyes are the reflection of the state of health we are in.


Life always seems to throw stressful situations in our lives causing us to stress out. We all experience it. Depending on how we react to it will often dictate how it manifests in our bodies sometimes setting the stage for illness.

How to Prepare for the Cold and Flu Season

How to Prepare for the Cold and Flu Season

Over the counter there is a whole host of remedies, all promising to relieve the sneezing, coughing, stuffiness, congestion, watery eyes, runny nose and other ailments a person might endure. The truth is, such analgesics, antihistamines and de-congestants often used are limited in their effectiveness.

Yes, the threat of catching a cold or flu is upon us but there is a lot you can do to prepare and combat those nasty bugs....

Acid Reflux?

Fixing the stomach requires a balanced acid PH. Stomach acid known as Hydrochloric acid is secreted to breakdown and absorb B12, proteins and minerals. A diet high in excess carbohydrates, bad oils/fats, or excessive alcohol consumption contribute and lead to poor gut function called hypochlorhydria which means insufficient stomach acid. When this occurs protein will putrefy and carbs will ferment in the gut causing organic acids to backup into the esophagus resulting in heartburn and/or acid reflux...

Upcoming Events in October

We have two upcoming events!

East County Acupuncture will be at:

  • Heartland Fire & Rescue Open House

    Saturday, October 8 : 10:00am to 2:00pm

    100 E Lexington Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020

  • Borrego Health Festival

    Saturday, October 29 : 9:00am to 1:00pm

    1527 E Main St, El Cajon, CA 92020

Please join us if you can -- we’ll be handing out health information and a chance to win a free acupuncture treatment. See you there!

What is a Healthy Gut? Part Two

Bloated or gassy after a meal?

Developing a bloated and gassy gut is usually the beginning stage of digestive disorders down the road. When your digestive system is unable to digest what you’ve already consumed you will develop signs and symptoms of a bloated gut. It’s not fun especially when you’re around other people - ha. Your gut is just letting you know that it isn’t as strong as it used to be and it’s having a harder time doing its job...

What is a Healthy Gut?

We rarely think beyond our daily needs and habits unless our body begins to get our attention. Whether we know it or not, our body is always communicating with us. If your energy is strong you will feel great and energetic, if not, you reach for that cup of coffee to make the difference. Low energy I’m sad to say is one of many signs and symptoms of poor gut health. Here are more common symptoms associated to a poor functioning gut...