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Liver Cleanse

Liver Detoxing Is Important in Achieving and Maintaining Good Health.

The liver and kidneys are filtering systems that filter toxic waste circulating in our blood and fluids within the body. To do this, there are specific steps that take place, phase 1 and 2.

Phase 1

This is the first line of defense. A group of enzymes known as cytochrome P450 family protect your cells from damage by:

  • Converting toxins to smaller substances and preparing them for phase 2
  • Making toxins water soluble to enter phase 2

Substances that activate phase 1 are: alcohol, paint fumes, pesticides, caffeine, alcohol, sleeping pills, contraceptive pills, and cortisone. External substances such as these become free radicals in your system and it’s the livers job in phase 1 to break them down into less harmful metabolites.

Phase 2

It takes water soluble metabolites of phase 1 out of your body through urine, sweat and poop.

The problem is that phase 2 is often sluggish in most people for many reasons. In Chinese Medicine we call it liver qi stagnation. At this stage a functioning liver is necessary to prevent the recycling of free radical from doing harm. This phase is critical, because you need to get the metabolites of phase 1 moved OUT of your body.

In order to do this you need good hydration and stool elimination.

Remember, the liver is a filtering system and all filters need a good cleaning – and a liver cleanse leads to GOOD HEALTH.

I couldn’t understand why I was experiencing joint pain. I thought I was eating healthy. But after Ida’s guidance through a liver cleanse, I noticed my digestion was better. Bloating and gasy after meals went away and so did my constipation. And believe it or not, my joints don’t hurt anymore! I know how important this is and hope everyone does it. We change the filters in our cars and heating systems we also have to do the same to our body. Thank you Ida!

Audrey K.

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